Patterson to Debate Norcross Tonight at 7:00 pm

Haddonfield, NJ -- Bob Patterson will debate incumbent Congressman Donald Norcross tonight at Rowan College in Glassboro and bring his message of Jobs for South Jersey to Gloucester County. Continue reading

Norcross Calls Border Security "Absurd"

Haddonfield, NJ -- In two recent articles published in NJ and the Burlington County Times, incumbent Congressman Donald Norcross has revealed his support for open borders and unfettered immigration calling congressional nominee Bob Patterson's support for border security "absurd." Continue reading

Back Benchers and Family Political Dynasties

Does your family have a seat in Congress?  Continue reading

Norcross Runs His Campaign Like Politicians Run the Government

Haddonfield, NJ -- Incumbent Congressman Donald Norcross recently filed his third quarter FEC report showing that his campaign is deeply in debt for the second quarter in a row. Continue reading

Patterson Out-Raises Norcross in NJ-01

Haddonfield, NJ -- Patterson for Congress announced its third-quarter FEC filing today which shows that Bob Patterson has raised more money to run against his opponent, incumbent Congressman Donald Norcross, than Norcross has raised to run against Patterson. Continue reading

Patterson to Norcross: Hillary has No Plans for Jobs; Do You?

Haddonfield, NJ -- In the wake of Hillary Clinton's failure to outline a jobs agenda last night, congressional nominee Bob Patterson today asked his opponent, incumbent Congressman Donald Norcross, if Norcross has a comprehensive plan to create jobs in South Jersey where unemployment remains stalled above the national average. Continue reading

A Open Letter to the Voters of South Jersey

Haddonfield, NJ - Bob Patterson, candidate for congress in New Jersey's First Congressional District, yesterday published a letter to the voters of South Jersey on his Facebook page. Patterson's letter came in response to his ejection on Wednesday from the annual IUOE Local 825 PAC meeting that included candidates from across New Jersey. Continue reading

Norcross Votes to Punish Families for Obamacare's Failures

Haddonfield, NJ -- In response to Congressman Donald Norcross's vote to penalize consumers for Obamacare's co-op failures, Bob Patterson released the following statement: "Donald Norcross is once again revealing his true colors.  Just yesterday, Donald Norcross voted to penalize workers and families who lost their health coverage through no fault of their own.  People whose coverage is stopped because their insurer closes their doors shouldn’t be fined for not having coverage. Continue reading

Five Questions Norcross Hopes Clinton Isn't Asked

Haddonfield, NJ -- As the first presidential debate approaches, down-ballot Democrats across America are nervous about being tied to Hillary Clinton. This is most apparent in New Jersey's First Congressional District where Clinton is deeply distrusted, seen as an out-of-touch millionaire who backs destructive international trade agreements, and wants unfettered illegal immigration. Continue reading

Norcross was for the Iranian Regime before he was against it

Haddonfield, NJ -- Congressman Donald Norcross did an an-about-face on Iran, yesterday voting to require that the Treasury Department provide more transparency into the known assets of top Iranian political and military leaders. However, Norcross has previously supported President Obama's weak and dangerous Iranian policies by: Continue reading