Press Release: Bob Patterson Announces NJ-01 Candidacy

Haddonfield, NJ – Today, Bob Patterson announced his candidacy for Congress as a Republican in New Jersey’s 1st congressional district. 

Bob is running on a platform of making South Jersey great again by reviving proven nation-building policies that help Main Street – not Wall Street. Bob is calling for a halt to ominous trade deals and open-border policies that send American jobs overseas and flood the U.S. labor market at both ends with foreign workers. He wants to invest in domestic manufacturing, infrastructure, and national defense to create tens of thousands of high-wage jobs in South Jersey and keep America safe. Read Bob’s op-ed in the Camden Courier-Post here

For too long, I have watched Republicans and Democrats kowtow to the globalist corporations and their high-paid lobbyists, at the expense of hardworking Americans,” Patterson said. “We need to focus on creating family-wage jobs for American workers, investing in our factories and infrastructure, and protecting our citizens from foreign threats. I oppose the trade deals from NAFTA to the pending TPP that send American jobs overseas. We need to put South Jersey families first. 

“Unfortunately, my opponent, Rep. Donald Norcross, not only supports sanctuary cities, but also voted to quadruple the number of visas for foreign workers, costing South Jersey jobs. Rep. Norcross signed a letter supporting allowing Syrian refugees to come to America without proper vetting. Finally, Rep. Norcross gave the president unilateral authority to remove economic sanctions on Iran. These policies hurt South Jersey workers and threaten our nation’s security.” 


Bob grew up in the Erlton neighborhood of Cherry Hill Township. 

Most recently, Bob worked as a contributor to the Philadelphia Inquirer and as vice president for government relations at the U.S. Business & Industry Council (USBIC), an organization committed to strengthening U.S. manufacturing and opposing Congress’s globalist-corporate trade agenda. 

Bob was born at the Cooper Hospital in Camden and graduated from Cherry Hill High School West, where he earned three varsity letters in swimming. After graduating from Cairn University of Pennsylvania, he earned graduates degrees in communications from Wheaton College of Illinois and in church history from Westminster Theological Seminary of Philadelphia. 

Bob and his wife of 36 years, Mary Alice, have three children and a daughter-in-law, and reside in Haddonfield. 


  • Rep. Norcross voted for the fiscal year 2016 Omnibus bill that increased the number of H-2B visas for foreign workers from 66,000 264,000. (RC #705, 12/18/15) (National Review)
  • Rep. Norcross voted to continue rewarding sanctuary cities with federal grant money. (RC #466, 07/23/15) (Philadelphia Inquirer)
  • Rep. Norcross signed a letter dated Dec. 4, 2015 (less than a month after the Paris attacks) urging Speaker Ryan to continue allowing Syrian refugees to enter the United States without the proper vetting mechanisms in place. The letter stated: “Congress should not attempt to strong-arm the President into turning his back on Syrian families desperately seeking refuge from violence and persecution by threatening to shut down the government unless he acquiesces to their demands.”
  • Rep. Norcross voted against legislation to suspend the president's authority to unilaterally relieve or limit sanctions as part of the Iran nuclear deal. (RC #494, 09/11/15)