Press Release: Patterson's Passover Holiday Message

Haddonfield, NJ – Congressional candidate Bob Patterson today wished Jewish residents in New Jersey’s 1st District a joyous and safe Passover holiday. 

Passover, begins at sundown Friday, April 22, and lasts until sundown Saturday, April 30. It commemorates the exodus of the Hebrew slaves from Egypt under the leadership of the patriarch Moses.

“Just as the Lord saved the Jewish people from destruction in ancient times, all people of faith must ask for His protection in modern times, when hatred and extremism put Jews in danger even in their own homeland,” Patterson said. “In the past week, we have been reminded that dangerous Islamic terrorists won’t think twice about blowing up a bus in Jerusalem. At this time of global instability, it is all the more critical to strengthen and maintain America's historic alliance with Israel.

“The Jewish people deserve safety and respect, whether in America, Europe, or in their rightful homeland. This is my wish for our brothers and sisters in faith as we approach Passover 2016,” Patterson added.