Rebuild South Jersey

For more than 50 years, our political representatives have neglected South Jersey. It’s time to make South Jersey great again by making South Jersey a manufacturing powerhouse. We can bring modern manufacturing and other high-wage jobs to South Jersey by investing in new construction, defense-related industries, and medical-research projects. 


Protect American Jobs and Revive the American Dream

Washington politicians are in cahoots with Wall Street. Too many politicians support unbalanced trade deals that hurt middle-income workers and ship good-paying American jobs overseas. They also embrace immigration policies that have flooded the U.S. labor market with foreigners, robbing American workers.

Bob has called for “Buy American” provisions that require taxpayer-subsidized construction projects to use American-made materials. All public-infrastructure and defense-related projects — as well as public utilitities — should be required to contract only with U.S. firms employing U.S. citizens. Bob opposes “comprehensive immigration reform” and “sanctuary” cities that put the interests of foreigners ahead of the American people. It’s time to put America first.


Secure America’s Borders

It’s also time to make sure jobs in America go to American workers, not refugees flooding our country through porous and insecure borders. Bob supports building a wall along America’s southern border, creating a foolproof entry-and-exit system, and establishing an airtight employment-verification system.


Put Main Street Ahead of Wall Street

Washington politicians throw taxpayer money at Wall Street and well-connected lobbyists. It’s time to stop corporate welfare and start supporting America’s vital economic sectors that will help the working and middle classes.

These sectors include domestic manufacturing, defense-related industries, transportation infrastructure, and energy production. Reviving these nation-building sectors will offer South Jersey families the best chance to realize the American Dream.


Improve American Health through Cures

Bob supports universal health-care coverage for all American citizens, but also believes we have to focus on lowering health-care costs. We can do that by investing resources in finding cures for cancer, Alzheimer's, and diabetes. We can achieve affordable care and actually improve lives by beating, rather than simply treating, these debilitating diseases. Bob had called for transforming the South Jersey-Philadelphia region into a medical-research enterprise zone that fast-tracks the discovery of cures and vaccines for these diseases.


Protect America from Overseas Threats

The world is growing increasingly dangerous with ISIS expanding its territory in the Middle East and exporting terrorists into Europe. The United States needs to develop a grand strategy with our allies to combat the spread of radical Islam.

At the same time, the recent Iranian deal eliminates economic sanctions on Iran while allowing the dangerous regime to continue enriching uranium. Bob supports rescinding the Iran agreement and re-imposing the harshest possible sanctions on the Iranian regime.

Most important, we need to prepare for the dangerous world we live in by building a 21st century missile-defense system that will protect America and our allies. We need to expand our aging Navy fleet. And we need a Manhattan-style project to protect all U.S. data and energy-grid systems from foreign hackers. All these strategic efforts could be pursued right here in South Jersey.


Support Our Ally Israel

Israel is one of America’s greatest allies in the world and our greatest friend in the Middle East. The United States should support Israel’s right to defend itself against violent terrorists and pressure our allies to do the same. Bob supports continued military aid to Israel and continued investment in economic and military partnerships with Israel.


Upgrade Our Infrastructure

Today, New Jersey’s roads and bridges are ranked amongst the top ten worst in the nation. We need to invest in basic infrastructure needs to make sure our families can safely drive on our roads and bridges.


Reform Our Tax and Trade Laws

We need to fix our overly complex tax code that leaves most Americans overtaxed. We should eliminate tax loopholes for politically connected companies and reform our business tax code to make it competitive with the rest of the world. We also need to make sure that no American corporation ends up paying no taxes or only a token corporate income tax. Likewise, we need to to address trade laws that have left the United States with a $11 trillion in-goods trade deficit and crippled our domestic manufacturers.