Press Release: Camden County Republican Party Endorses Bob Patterson

Voorhees, NJ – The Camden County Republican Party endorsed Republican candidate Bob Patterson in the race for New Jersey’s 1st Congressional District.

Camden County makes up the majority of the 1st District, which has been represented by Democrat Rep. Donald Norcross since 2014.

“The Camden County Republican Party is proud to endorse Bob Patterson as the Republican nominee to challenge Donald Norcross,” said Camden County GOP Chairman Tom Booth.

"Patterson is a political outsider who has set forth clear job-creating policies that will help working-class and middle-income families in South Jersey. Bob’s compelling platform of replenishing the 'Arsenal of Democracy,' investing in America, and ending unfair trade deals is sorely needed in this district.”

“I am honored by the Camden County Republican Party's endorsement,” Patterson said. “Over the past 20 years, the Norcross machine has enriched itself and its friends with corrupt insider deals at the expense of hardworking Jersey families. South Jersey voters have had enough.

“I believe we can make South Jersey great again by focusing on policies that deliver for average Americans. Let’s roll back unfair trade deals and change tax and energy policies to favor domestic manufacturing. Let’s insist on hiring American workers and using American-made supplies for all publicly funded projects. Let’s rebuild our factories, our roads, and our military. Not only will we create ten of thousands of high-wage jobs, we will make our communities and our country safer and stronger.”