Bob Patterson Wins Republican Nomination in NJ-01

Haddonfield, NJ – Bob Patterson won the Republican nomination tonight in New Jersey’s 1st Congressional District. Patterson was unopposed in the primary.

“I’m honored by the outpouring of support at the polls tonight,” Patterson said. “It’s clear that South Jersey voters are tired of the status quo and are looking for a change both in Washington and in South Jersey.

“Over the next five months, I will lay out my platform to make South Jersey great again. From investing in manufacturing, to rebuilding our infrastructure, to creating high-wage jobs for South Jersey workers, to curtailing the unfair trade deals that kill American jobs, my campaign will focus on helping South Jersey families who have been left behind by the Norcross political machine.

“Alex Law deserves commendation for running a hard-fought, grassroots campaign against Donald Norcross and his deep-pocketed machine,” Patterson added. “While I disagree with Alex on many important issues, we both agree that Washington is broken, and that the powerbrokers in Washington D.C. and South Jersey are only looking out for themselves and their political and corporate cronies. It’s time to put South Jersey workers first and make South Jersey great again.”