Patterson Voices Support for Blue Lives Matter

Haddonfield, NJ – Congressional nominee (NJ-01) Bob Patterson today voiced his support for law enforcement personnel and decried the speaker line-up at the Democrat National Convention.

"Let me put it plainly: Blue lives matter," Patterson said. "But there isn't one speaker at the Convention who will make that case."


In fact, Patterson said, DNC speakers are working across the country to undermine the efforts and interests of law enforcement.

"The Black Lives Matter movement has been used by Hillary Clinton's political machine to foment animosity toward police officers," Patterson said. "That is the explicit purpose of tonight's speech and it should be repudiated by Democrats who don't agree -- including Donald Norcross."

Patterson cited numerous reports in the media indicating that Norcross's brother, George, intends to use the Philadelphia Convention this week in order to bolster his national stature.

"Instead of worrying about future political positions, the Norcross brothers should use their influence to pull the anti-cop speakers from tonight's line-up," Patterson said.

Patterson pointed out that police officers will be relied upon to guarantee the safety of convention goers tonight, but inside the convention, their motives will be impugned.

“It's more than ironic that those inside the Wells Fargo Center tonight will be protected by thousands police officers, while delegates listen to speakers who impugn their character and endorse a platform that attacks their intentions," Patterson said. "Meanwhile, urban communities like Camden are suffering from the Ferguson effect as the crime rate rises and police officers face growing opposition to their work."

Patterson said that the Black Lives Matter movement was founded on the Ferguson lie and that family members and activists have been used ever since to advance a radical agenda that threatens the safety and well-being of urban communities.

"Hillary Clinton and her political machine have chosen the most radical, anti-cop line-up of speakers in the history of nominating conventions," Patterson said. "That is no more apparent than it is tonight with featured speeches of the Black Lives Matter movement."

"I stand with police officers of all races and backgrounds who risk their lives everyday to protect law-abiding Americans of every race and background," Patterson said. "And I reject the hateful rhetoric that we're scheduled to hear tonight."

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Bob Patterson is a candidate for Congress in New Jersey's First Congressional District.  A resident of Haddonfield with his wife, Mary Alice, Bob grew up in Cherry Hill.  He has never held or run for office before and is running on a platform to Make South Jersey Great Again by protecting American jobs, protecting American workers, and protecting America from international threats so that it remains a safe place to live, work and raise a family.  Learn more about Bob and his campaign at