Patterson to Norcross: Hillary has No Plans for Jobs; Do You?

Haddonfield, NJ -- In the wake of Hillary Clinton's failure to outline a jobs agenda last night, congressional nominee Bob Patterson today asked his opponent, incumbent Congressman Donald Norcross, if Norcross has a comprehensive plan to create jobs in South Jersey where unemployment remains stalled above the national average.

"Hillary Clinton said very little about creating high-wage jobs," Patterson said. "I ask Donald Norcross once again: What plans do you have to create jobs?"

Patterson's question comes in the wake of troubling jobs reports that show unemployment creeping upward and South Jersey falling further and further behind other regions in key economic indicators.

"Last night Hillary Clinton offered mostly talking points and poll-tested language that she's been rehearsing for weeks," Patterson said. "But with Congressman Donald Norcross its even worse: He's given us nothing; no plans to create jobs, no accountability to the people, and no indication that will change before Election Day."

Patterson also said that the recently revealed transcripts of Clinton's speeches prove that Clinton's true loyalties are to big banks, that she doesn't believe in borders, and that she loves globalist trade deals that hurt American workers and hurt American families.

"We know that Bill Clinton sold-out American workers when he made NAFTA the law, we know that the policy of the American government under Hillary will be the same - if not worse - with the passage of TPP," Patterson said. "What we don't know is why Donald Norcross supports her and if he'll support TPP under her leadership.

"Congressman Norcross has offered no plans of his own on trade or job creation, and so we have no reason to believe he won't flip on TPP the way Clinton seems be promising privately."

Patterson has unveiled plans to bring 50,000 high-wage manufacturing jobs to South Jersey through Navy shipbuilding, expansion of the high-speed PATCO system, significant highway improvements, and a modern Civilian Conservation Corps.

"South Jersey families need and deserve real plans to bring real jobs to the South Jersey economy that has been decimated and whose political leaders have failed to improve."