Patterson Out-Raises Norcross in NJ-01

Haddonfield, NJ -- Patterson for Congress announced its third-quarter FEC filing today which shows that Bob Patterson has raised more money to run against his opponent, incumbent Congressman Donald Norcross, than Norcross has raised to run against Patterson.


"Bob is the hardest-working candidate for Congress, he has the best message for South Jersey, and the people are responding," said Campaign Manager Annalee Thompson.

Patterson's campaign reported total receipts of $168,532 while Norcross has raised only $142,120 since barely fending-off 25-year-old challenger Alex Law in the June 7 Primary.

By comparison, Norcross raised a whopping $663,529 in the same period two years ago. But Norcross's fundraising has been so anemic that he remains deeply in debt with more than $235,000 in unpaid campaign obligations.

"While Bob's third-quarter donations came exclusively from individual donors, Norcross relied heavily on special interest PACs to whom he'll be beholden if he manages to win," Thompson said. "Bob's only interest is creating high-wage jobs for the people of South Jersey."

In fact, nearly three-quarters of the money raised by Norcross is PAC money from more than 60 special interests, including big banks like JPMorgan Chase & Co., Mortgage Bankers Association, and UBS America's Inc.

"Since he entered the race, Bob has promoted policies that would dramatically improve the economic prospects of average South Jerseyans, not just the politically-connected and the insiders," Thompson said. "That's why Bob's support is growing, that's why he's setting fundraising and voter-contact records, and why he's on course to upset the establishment on November 8."