Patterson Calls on Norcross to Wake-up on Homeland Security

Haddonfield, NJ -- Congressional nominee Bob Patterson today called on Congressman Donald Norcross to step-up and show leadership on homeland security in the wake of shocking failures and ineptitude by the Obama Administration.

"Our political leaders in Washington are failing us and Congressman Norcross is no where to be found on homeland security," Patterson said.  "Congressman Norcross sits on the House Subcommittee on Intelligence, Emerging Threats and Capabilities but yet he acts like a spectator."

Patterson's remarks follow a disturbing Inspector General's report that the Department of Homeland Security mistakenly granted citizenship to over 800 illegal immigrants from dangerous countries and that some of them have since been investigated for connections to terror.

"The Department of Homeland Security's failure to properly deport these illegal immigrants is downright deplorable," Patterson said. "The attacks this weekend are clear evidence that terror zones can breed hatred and contempt for our values and for our way of life among immigrants living in America."

Patterson went on to outline specific policies he would fight to enact in Congress, including:

- A moratorium on processing refugees from terror zones

- Additional restrictions on asylum requests from countries in terror zones

- Complete biometric screening, background checks, and monitoring of visa holders from terror zones

- Periodic reporting to immigration authorities by successful applicants

- Elimination of reunification visa loopholes for applicants from terror zones

"Where does Congressman Norcross stand on these proposals," Patterson asked?  "Does Congressman Norcross have other ideas to ensure our safety?  Does Congressman Norcross even understand that Congress has a responsibility to hold the Obama Administration accountable for their failures?"

Patterson also called on Congressman Norcross to introduce legislation authorizing a special counsel to investigate Homeland Security's negligence in granting citizenship to illegal immigrants from dangerous countries.

"Norcross needs to wake-up, cast-off political correctness, and get tough if he wants to keep our communities secure and our families safe," Patterson declared.

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