Norcross Runs His Campaign Like Politicians Run the Government

Haddonfield, NJ -- Incumbent Congressman Donald Norcross recently filed his third quarter FEC report showing that his campaign is deeply in debt for the second quarter in a row.

On June 30, Norcross reported that he was in debt by $153,382.  Norcross had raised and spent over $1.5 million to fend off 25-year-old challenger Alex Law in the June 7 Primary.

By September 30, Norcross had less cash on hand and nearly as much debt: $142,000.

In contrast, Norcross's challenger, Bob Patterson, has raised a record $168,532 and has more cash on hand than current obligations.

In fact, Patterson has raised more money to run against Norcross, than Norcross has raised to run against Patterson.

By comparison, Norcross raised a whopping $663,529 in the third quarter two years ago.

In raising the limited funds he did, Norcross relied heavily on special interest PAC money in the third quarter, raking in over $104,000 from insider organizations mostly based in Washington, DC. Patterson's third quarter haul was entirely derived from individual contributors.