Norcross Calls Border Security "Absurd"

Haddonfield, NJ -- In two recent articles published in NJ and the Burlington County Times, incumbent Congressman Donald Norcross has revealed his support for open borders and unfettered immigration calling congressional nominee Bob Patterson's support for border security "absurd."

"Don Norcross has shown he doesn't understand the first thing about our economy and the needs of South Jerseyans struggling to make ends meet," said Patterson. "People are hurting and they need new opportunities, not more competition from low-wage, illegal immigrants."

Patterson said that the American job market has been rocked by the ominous policies of politicians, big banks, and political insiders who have colluded to help Wall Street executives to the detriment of Main Street workers.

"Wages are falling, unemployment -- and especially underemployment -- are rising and Don Norcross's solution is to continue an open borders policy which only exacerbates the problem," Patterson said. "The stream of low-wage workers into America has artificially depressed wages and eliminated opportunities -- especially for working-class and middle-class workers struggling to get ahead."

Patterson said that Norcross's characterization of border security as "absurd" is dangerous and out-of-step with South Jersey.

"South Jerseyans want a strong and safe America. Border security -- in all its forms -- will prevent terrorists, drug smuggling, and crime," Patterson said. "That's common sense."

Patterson added that border security accompanied by well-thought out immigration policies that put America first will strengthen our economy and protect U.S. workers from the artificial pressures of depressed wages.

"If Don Norcross thinks its absurd to protect America and American workers from drugs, crime and depressed wages, he may wake-up on November 9 to news that South Jerseyans found his campaign absurd," Patterson said.