Five Questions Norcross Hopes Clinton Isn't Asked

Haddonfield, NJ -- As the first presidential debate approaches, down-ballot Democrats across America are nervous about being tied to Hillary Clinton.

This is most apparent in New Jersey's First Congressional District where Clinton is deeply distrusted, seen as an out-of-touch millionaire who backs destructive international trade agreements, and wants unfettered illegal immigration.

In contrast, South Jerseyans are laser-focused on policies that will bring high-wage jobs to South Jersey, improve economic conditions for all, and keep neighborhoods safe from foreign and domestic violence.

However, incumbent Congressman Donald Norcross has embraced Clinton and the Democrat Party's agenda which have proven toxic to South Jersey’s interests over the last eight years.

When Clinton is asked tonight about what South Jerseyans care about most, Norcross will cringe as she lies and distorts her way though endorsing policies South Jerseyans oppose.

Here are five critical issues facing South Jersey that Norcross must hope Clinton isn't asked about:

-- Law Enforcement: President Obama, Hillary Clinton, and the Democrat Party have spent the last eight years calling into question the motives of police officers, sheriffs, and law enforcement professionals across the country. Their rhetoric led to the deaths of assassinated police officers in New York City and Baton Rouge, countless other assaults against police officers, and a rise in crime.

But South Jerseyans support law enforcement professionals, are grateful for what police officers do, and sincerely appreciate the sacrifices their families make every day.

Donald Norcross has been silent on #BlueLivesMatter while Bob Patterson has consistently expressed his support for police officers including at a Police Appreciation event he held on July 28 in Camden.

--- Immigration: President Obama, Hillary Clinton, and congressional Democrats have allowed criminal illegal aliens to invade the country and kill innocent Americans. This is unconscionable.

South Jerseyans believe no American parent should ever bury a child killed by an illegal alien. The government's first duty is to protect the citizens.

Bob is committed to securing our borders -- our physical borders, airports, and harbors as well as our visa system -- and to putting an end to sanctuary cities. Period.

-- National Security: President Obama, Hillary Clinton, and the Democrat Party have taken a world that was dangerous when they assumed power, and made it worse than anyone could have imagined. Their policies have given rise to ISIS, led to the loss of four Americans in Benghazi, and emboldened Iran's pursuit of nuclear weapons.

But South Jerseyans are grateful for the sacrifices made by our military and appalled that Hillary Clinton has repeatedly lied to the families of the Benghazi victims. That's why America's enlisted men and women reject Hillary Clinton and will reject congressional candidates who support her.

What's more: Congressman Donald Norcross -- in blind allegiance to President Obama or out of complete naivety -- has compiled a disturbingly weak record on Iran in just two short years on the job.  South Jerseyans want elected leaders who will put the safety of the American people ahead of politics.  Bob Patterson will do just that and has demanded Donald Norcross answer for his weakness on Iran.

-- Trade: President Obama, Hillary Clinton, and members of both political parties have put the interests of multi-national corporations ahead of the interests of American workers. While Clinton is trying to walk back her support of NAFTA and TPP, her financial ties to big banks like Goldman Sachs reveal her true loyalties. Not surprisingly, Donald Norcross recently revealed substantial holdings with Wells Fargo which he initially omitted from his legally-required financial disclosure report until he had been elected.

As a Democrat member of congress, Donald Norcross will be expected to toe the line for a President Hillary Clinton... or lose his seat. South Jerseyans know they can't trust Donald Norcross to put their interests ahead of his desire to cling to his seat and hold on to power.

But Bob Patterson has never run of office before, he is a supporter of term limits, and he is running for the sole purpose of building South Jersey into an industrial powerhouse that can generate a prosperous standard of living for all.

-- Trustworthiness: No one is more distrusted in American political life than Hillary Clinton. 

Americans know she has been plotting to win the White House for herself for decades and that she will do or say anything to get it.  In fact, Hillary Clinton and Donald Norcross seem to live for public office, public handouts, and public adulation.

But Clinton-Norcross values are not South Jersey values.  South Jerseyans are good, charitable, hard-working people who simply want what's best for their families.  They want a congressman who will serve humbly, fight for their interests, and be content to return to private life when he's accomplished his goals.

In short, each time Clinton answers a question tonight, South Jerseyans will have to wonder: 'Will Congressman Donald Norcross side with her or with us?'