Back Benchers and Family Political Dynasties

Does your family have a seat in Congress? 

Neither does mine. But apparently the Norcross family does... and that's just fine with The South Jersey Times.

And that's why I need your support to fight back.

Let me explain:

Earlier this week, the Times offered a curious "endorsement" of my opponent, Don Norcross, stating

U.S. Rep. Donald Norcross, during his first full term in Congress, has shown himself to be a solid back-bencher... [who won't] cast any vote that greatly angers his better-known brother, South Jersey Democrat "boss" George Norcross III.

Indeed, while the Times struggled to list any real accomplishments of Donald Norcross while in Congress, the editorial concluded with a statement as accurate as it is disturbing: 

Norcross... has a better opportunity to grow into the seat custom-made for him by the family political dynasty.

Since when is it the role of the press to laud 'political dynasties' and fete those who enjoy "custom-made" positions of power over their fellow citizens?

The Times did, indeed, recognize my laser-like focus on bringing 50,000 high wage jobs to South Jersey... but then shockingly ended-up criticizing me for just that!

In an era when politicians and the political class promise the sun, the moon, and the stars, but don't deliver so much as a single Delaware River stone, the Times says my commitment to fighting for one big idea -- Jobs; an idea that South Jersey desperately needs -- is not good enough...

... at least not good enough in comparison to Congressman Norcross's record which apparently includes "co-sponsoring" two bills, having a Post Office renamed, and claiming "a chunk of the credit" for the I-295-Route 42 ramp -- a project actually under construction before he was ever even in Congress!

The political class -- aided and abetted by the media -- has failed the American people; Democrat and Republican politicians have failed New Jersey; and the Norcross machine has failed South Jersey.

I will not be shaken by the Times bizarre support of the Norcross "family political dynasty" -- but I will end it on Election Day, November 8.

If you're willing to contribute to my campaign to bring Jobs to South Jersey, let us know by visiting our website.

Thanks for all your support so far and On to Victory!


P.S.: The South Jersey Times has endorsed my opponent, Don Norcross, saying he is a "back-bencher" who "has a better opportunity to grow into the seat custom-made for him by the family political dynasty."  South Jersey deserves better!  Let's send a message to the elites in the political class and the media that we've had enough of failed politicians and political dynasties.  Chip-in your support today!