Norcross was for the Iranian Regime before he was against it

Haddonfield, NJ -- Congressman Donald Norcross did an an-about-face on Iran, yesterday voting to require that the Treasury Department provide more transparency into the known assets of top Iranian political and military leaders.

However, Norcross has previously supported President Obama's weak and dangerous Iranian policies by:

- voting to lift sanctions on Iran, (H R 3460, Roll Call Vote #494; Passed 247-186: R 245-0, D 2-186, 9/11/15, Norcross Voted Nay);

- refusing to hold President Obama accountable on the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act of 2015, (H Res 411, Roll Call Vote #492; Passed 245-186: R 245-0, D 0-186, 9/10/15, Norcross Voted Nay);

- opposing the Justice for Victims of Iranian Terrorism Act, (H R 3457, Roll Call Vote #533; Passed 251-173: R 241-0, D 10-173, 10/1/15, Norcross Voted Nay);

- voting against the Iran Terror Finance Transparency Act, (H R 3662, Roll Call Vote #54; Passed 246-181: R 243-0, D 3-181, 2/2/16, Norcross Voted Nay);

- refusing to prevent the U.S. from purchasing heavy water from Iran, (H R 5119, Roll Call Vote #441; Passed 249-176: R 239-2, D 10-174, 7/13/16, Norcross Voted Nay);

- opposing The Iran Accountability Act of 2016, (H R 5631, Roll Call Vote #467; Passed 246-179: R 238-4, D 8-175, 7/14/16, Norcross Voted Nay); and

- voting against the United States Financial System Protection Act of 2016, (H R 4992, Roll Call Vote #478; Passed 246-181: R 240-3, D 6-178, 7/14/16, Norcross Voted Nay).

In response, Bob Patterson, Republican nominee for Congress in NJ-01, said Norcross is just acting like any other politician in fear of losing his seat.

"Congressman Norcross knows that his record on national security is woefully weak," Patterson said. "At every turn, he has supported President Obama's failed policies in the mideast, he has endorsed Hillary Clinton whose record is equally abysmal, and now -- in the wake of terror attacks right here in New Jersey -- he's flipping his own position on Iran.

"Prior to re-election season, Congressman Norcross had numerous chances to prevent the Iranian regime from pursuing their dangerous nuclear ambitions. Voters have to wonder: Will he return to supporting Iran if they re-elect him?"

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