A Labor Day Message

To mark Labor Day, I wanted to share with you the following message that I shared with my campaign team.

As you enjoy this great American holiday with family and friends, I hope you'll make a commitment to support our campaign and to help bring our message of Jobs for South Jersey to every corner of the 1st District over the remaining nine weeks...

With your support, we'll win.




From: Bob Patterson
To: Patterson Staff
Date: September 5, 2016 - 8:30 am
Subject: Labor Day and the Last Turn

To my campaign team,

Mary Alice and I want to thank you for all of your hard work over the last several months.

As we enter the final turn today in our race for Congress, I wanted to encourage you that we truly do have a winning message for South Jersey.

While many of you are too young remember, South Jersey used to be an industrial powerhouse home to tens of thousands -- if not hundreds of thousands -- of high-wage jobs.

The decline of our economy has crippled the region. Businesses have closed or are hanging-on by a thread. Workers' wages are stagnating. Families are hurting.

As you know better than most, the political leadership in South Jersey is completely detached from these concerns. Led by the Norcross brothers, their chief interest is in brokering a deal to select the next governor.

But South Jerseyans care about jobs more than they do politics. Those of you who have campaigned with me -- whether at train stations, fairs, festivals, or meeting voters door-to-door -- know that our plans to create jobs in defense industries, transportation infrastructure, and modern manufacturing immediately resonate with the people.

In the coming weeks, the demands on all of us will be great, but I know that if we continue building our organization, promoting our message, and focusing on Election Day, that we'll be victorious onNovember 8!

-Bob and Mary Alice