98-Day State of the Race -- Executive Memo

Date:   August 2, 2016

To:      Interested Parties

From:  Annalee Thompson, Campaign Manager

Re:      98-Day State of the Race -- Executive Memo

The race for the 1st Congressional District in New Jersey is shaping-up to be the GOP's best chance to pick up a seat in the Northeast during this election cycle.

First-time candidate Bob Patterson brings enthusiasm, discipline, and a command of economic policy unmatched by any other challenger in recent memory.

Bob has already raised more than $125,000 -- eclipsing the previous record of $108,000 -- and 14 weeks still remain until Election Day.  In contrast, Bob’s opponent is a one-term incumbent who was forced to spend nearly $2 million defending his seat against a 25-year old upstart in the Democrat primary.

In fact, Bob’s opponent begins the third quarter not just having spent nearly $2 million to win his primary, but also remaining underwater and in debt by a whopping $150,000, according to FEC records.

As in the presidential race, the NJ-01 primary left deep divisions in the Democrat Party.  Bob’s message of Making South Jersey Great Again and focusing like a laser beam on creating jobs for South Jersey is sure to capture some of the disenchanted voters appalled at the tactics of the Clinton-Norcross machine.

In a year when voters of all persuasions are suspicious of the political class, Bob’s opponent is inescapably the consummate political insider.  Bob’s opponent’s brother, who has long been characterized as the second most-powerful political figure in the state, is viewed as the ultimate political boss of South Jersey. He routinely draws media speculation as what his next “move" will be -- whether expanding his "power base" into Philadelphia, "maneuvering" his brother into a U.S. Senate seat, or being "awarded" more lucrative contracts for his insurance business.

None of this matters to voters who are simply looking for a better economy and better job opportunities to provide for themselves and for their families.

Over the next 14 weeks, Bob is committed to maintaining his torrid schedule of fundraising while integrating communications and field events that will continue to grow his support in the 1st District by activating traditional Republicans, attracting independents looking for a new direction, and winning over disaffected Democrats.

For more information on the campaign or to volunteer or donate, please contact me anytime.

Annalee Thompson
Campaign Manager
(856) 874-6596

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